lundi 25 octobre 2010

EDI FITZROY - Handle and blade + first aid (1981 Klasse 1 international)

Edi Fitzroy is one of my favorite artist and very underrated to my ears. Here's a cover of the heptones "i've got the handle" from 1981. don't know this producer A.GENUS it sounds like a pseudonym...Anyway it's a good one and got the raw sound of the jamaican studios. The tune is stripped to the bone and ain't got heptones lover's backing vocals anymore. Dub is wicked too!



3 commentaires:

  1. Thanks to this post I recently picked up the Youthman penitentary lp. It took me a little while to get into his style of singing but now i think i'm hooked. Had to turn up the bass a bit as the alligator pressing seemed to be a little tinny. Great early 80's roots radics sound, as always! He looks like he's a teenager when this was recorded, love the photo of him. Pretty developed style of singing for such a young kid. Seems like he's pretty much a forgotten singer though.....

  2. Yeah i agree with you David, he's forgotten but...sounds great everytime! His last time in Paris was in 1988...hope to see him one day.I have put his original LP called "check for you once". It's almost the same as "youthman penitentiary" but the basses are massive ;)

  3. Many thanks, I will check out the link! The alligator lp actually sounds pretty good if you turn up the bass but I appreciate your efforts in loading this one up.