mercredi 29 septembre 2010


Pendant que j'y pense...c'est l'occasion rêvée de voir ces artistes dans une petite salle pour pas trop cher...

KARL BRYAN + THE SOUL VENDORS - A house is not a home + a house is not a dub (1972 studio 1)

OK that one is a request from Phat Pat so here it is...For those who don't know "a house is not a home" is a song written by Burt Bacharach for Dionne Warwick in 1964. Here is the studio 1 instrumental version covered by Bryan "cannonball" Bryan and the soul vendors as backing band (including Jacky Mittoo on organ). I don't really know if it is the "original" studio 1 version or if someone has sung it before in Jamaica, but the most famous version is of course the one from the ever great Sugar Minott on his 1977 LP "live loving". Karl Bryan is quiet an underrated sax player cos his musical legacy can only be found on singles, but still a big name for the specialists. I know he recently use to make a turn over with Cedric Brooks in the Skatalites(see the picture) until he was replaced in the 2010 line up.



mercredi 22 septembre 2010

HERMAN CHIN-LOY & THE AQUARIANS - unknown track + version (1972 Aquarius)

This one is from my pal Mike the president, and i need you to put some oil in my lamp. Herman Chin-Loy opened a record shop on Halfway tree in 1969, and started releasing singles and a few LP at the end of the sixties/beginning of the seventies, and he was one of the very first to have the young Augustus Pablo as a sessioner. But i'm really not sure about this one as it is a pre-release from his label aquarius. It seems to be an instrumental recut of "new Kent road" of 1970 Johnny Lover on Joe Gibbs's pressure beat label. First i don't know the title of it, i think it's "invasion" but...that's all. Second i don't know who played in the aquarians (Chin-Loy used to have the "the hippy boys" or "now generation" as backing band) nor who the horns players are (i think we can credit them as the real autors of this version). And third i know there's another cut of this tune made by the upsetters on the 1975 "kung fu meets the dragon" LP, featuring...Augustus Pablo and ...another Pablo solo version on his 1982 King David melody LP. So it makes a lot a clue to make think that this is one of Pablo's earliest tune, but if you know more than this please leave a feedback, and the others...just enjoy that rare piece of history...



mardi 21 septembre 2010

PETER ROOTS + SLY & ROBBIE - Stop the war + Belfast (Taxi)

This one is a serious rub a dub on Sly & Robbie's taxi label. Peter Roots is also known as Peter Lewis and began his recording career with "ethiopian land" at Lee Perry's black ark. A couple of singles will follow on his own Jah P label. I guess this single should be from 1983/84 with just some electronic clap to give a modern touch to the tune...Sound a bit like the roots radics, with a heavy bass from Robbie and a strong snare drum from Sly, but not only, there's also a nice hornline with Dean, Nambo & Chico the "ras brass" at their golden age...Check out the version! Lyrics are clear, and it seems that theses were both made for Jamaicans and Irish...I'm not sure but i think Peter Roots now lives in England where he's still active these days. I have a 10" from 2004 named "peace & love" based on a sample of Capital letters "smoking my ganja" It's a good one and i'll post it somedays if i have a few feedback.

PETER ROOTS: Stop the war
SLY & ROBBIE: Belfast



lundi 20 septembre 2010

LEE & THE CLARENDONIANS + DENNIS ALCAPONE - Night owl + Fine style (1972 High school)

OK so here is the english version of this blog...Sorry for my poor english but i'm just a little french guy and you'll have to do with it anyway...I'm glad to know that at least everyone in the whole world will understand what i'm writing about all these records i post on my blog. Don't forget that the main purpose of it is to makes you discovering sounds that are rare or not digitally released , so please don't ask me to put some CD or new stuff from your favorite artist, it will be easier for you to find it somewhere else...

So here we go with that one, "night owl" on prince Tony Robinson's label highschool. This one is from 1972 and i guess one of his earliest production on this label. Sung by Lee & the clarendonians, i'm wondering who's Lee actually as it is known the clarendonians were Peter Austin & Ernest Wilson, sometimes with Young Freddie mcGregor. Ain't got no more informations about him, as this seems to be the unique single released under that name. Whoever he is it is clear here that we can distinctly hear 3 voices...(i think little Freddie stayed exclusivly at studio 1 after the duo leaved it, but maybe he's singing on that one...who knows?). Anyway, this tune is in a early one drop style though it would have been very easy to make it sound like an early reggae or a rocksteady. It got a nice skank and a great bubbling organ, i hope you'll like it! Funny to see that Dennis Alcapone's version "fine style" was made on the version of the original single...So there's 2 versions & 3 cuts...Economic!



mardi 14 septembre 2010

JENNIFER LARA - Tell me where (1983 Studio one)

Ce morceau date de 1983, mais indéniablement la musique nous renvoie à la grande époque du rocksteady et des soul vendors, le groupe maison de ces années la. C'est sans doute ma période préféré de chez studio one, et personnellement j'adore ce piano sautillant toujours mis en avant et probablement joué par Jackie Mittoo dans tous les morceaux de cette époque.Il semblerait que le riddim soit tiré du morceau de Lloyd Parks "corporal Jones" mais ne possédant pas ce single je ne peux donc pas vérifier. Une chose est sur, c'est que celui ci aurait en tout cas pu figurer sur l'album des termites... Jennifer Lara est une des chanteuses les plus talentueuses de l'écurie studio one, mais ne fut cependant pas aussi prolifique qu'une Marcia Griffith ou Hortense Ellis, et du coup reste un peu dans l'ombre de celles ci, malgré de superbes disques aux harmonies toujours soignées. Ce "tell me where" a comme en témoigne le macaron été écrit par Johnny Osbourne, et les paroles mettent en évidence le manque d affection que semblait porter les hommes auprès des femmes a l'époque...Elle n'a pas du tomber que sur des rigolos Jennifer, car si les lyrics ne sont pas tendres avec la gente masculine, il semblerait qu'elle les chante avec beaucoup d'applications...Y a comme qui dirait du règlement de compte dans l'air...Courageuse, si tout cela semblait lui porter sur le coeur, elle n'a sans doute pas vendu beaucoup de ce single en Jamaique, mais y a gagné une image de femme émancipée et déterminée.



mercredi 8 septembre 2010

IJAHMAN - 2010 10 09 @ PARIS New morning

Ijahman (et sa guitare 10 cordes)...J'y serais et j'espere que ca va tout casser !

lundi 6 septembre 2010

PABLO MOSES - 2010 09 01 @ PARIS Glazart beach

Dernière vidéo en date du site
Filmée par mes soins, on y voit Pablo Moses y jouer "proverbs extraction" et "so much" issus respectivement des albums "pave the way" et "the rebirth"(le dernier en date). Quoi qu'un peu court, cet extrait résume assez bien son concert donné avec les allemands de Jin Jin band.

samedi 4 septembre 2010

CARLTON AND THE SHOES - Forever and always (1981 Yvonne's special)

Back from holidays with one of my favorite lover's style band. Carlton and the shoes and this beautiful "forever & always" 12" produced on Dennis Brown "Yvonne's special" label in 1981. Nice love lyrics from mister Manning, great tune in a rub a dub style, followed by his version. Great backing vocals (made by the man himself and sounds like the abyssinians more than ever) with a strong horns line and vintage hammond organ and clavinet, that one is a part of the precious and rare work from Carlton and his shoes in the beginning of the 80's. It is particulary beautiful as it was made in a minor way and is finally very close to the far east sound...David and everyone i hope you'll enjoy that one as i do !