mercredi 28 septembre 2011

THE GLADIATORS - A nuh everything + warning (1982 Piramid production)

HIGGS & WILSON - How can i be shure (1961 Studio 1)

HIGGS & WILSON -Mighty man (1961 Studio 1)

TREVOR JUNIOR - Hippy hooray + version (Hitbound)

JOE HIGGS & RON WILSON - Come on home (1961 WIRL Records)

THE TWINKLE BROTHERS - Don't let it end + version (Tops records UK press)

PRINCE ALLAH - Follow Jah + version (1997 Freedom sounds)

THE MEDITATIONS - Standing on the corner + version (1978 Channel one)

EEK A MOUSE - Slavery + version (1982 Thompson sound)

JACKIE EDWARDS & THE AGGROVATORS - So Jah say + dub (1975 Gorgan)

JUDAH ESKENDER TAFARI + SOUND DIMENSION Always trying + version 1978 S...

THE INTERNS Consider yourself + version 1975 Deliver I

LITTLE ROY - Black bird + version (1974 Earth)

FREDDIE MCKAY + SOUL DEFENDERS Father will cut you off + version 1971 ...

samedi 23 juillet 2011


Tribute to the emperor en ce jour de 23 juillet, jour de naissance du negus HAILE SELASSIE.
Ce single date de 1967, et est sorti sur le label de Ras Michael, quand lui et son groupe s'appellait encore Sons of Negus churchical host. Bon c'est sur que le disque craque un peu mais je n'ai pas réussi à en trouver une copie neuve...On notera au passage que le rythme n'est pas reggae (vu qu'il n'existait pas car c'etait la grande époque du rocksteady) mais purement Nyahbinghi dans la tradition Buru. Différent donc de la version que l'on peut connaitre de Cornell Campbell ou Bob Marley.

lundi 13 juin 2011

TRINITY - 2011 03 20 @ LE MANS L'oasis

Trinity live in Le Mans, France backed by Irie ites. Toasted over John Holt's "strange things", Boris Gardiner's "Commanded wife" Dobby Dobson' "loving pauper" Gregory Isaacs's "Number one" and Al Campbell guested for "3 pieces suit" What a ting !

DENNIS ALCAPONE - Milk & honey + version (1971 Volcano)

vendredi 20 mai 2011

LEROY BROWN - Dancing shoes (1978 G Clef)

Originaly this song was sung by Bunny livingstone with the wailing wailers in 1966 for Studio 1. A decade later, ska is here transformed into reggae (the drum sounds a lot like a Sly Dunbar pattern)for the pleasure of the ears, and Leroy ride the song with his sweet & silky voice...RUN IT !

QUEEN MAJEEDA - Our creator (1993 Conscious)

Love dub poetess Queen Majeeda ! That one comes from her first LP "Conscious" released in 1993. Not much more to say, the best is to listen...

mardi 10 mai 2011

LONE RANGER - Reasons + Learn to drive (1983 Bebo's music)

Two cuts from Lone ranger on the prophecy/Taxi riddim...I'm not sure it's Lone Ranger himself singing on the 1st cut...that one will later on covered by Johnny Osbourne !

samedi 7 mai 2011

ROY & DIZZY + THE FABULOUS SHOEMAKERS Valley of the dolls + Bye bye love (la fud del records)

This one is from the legendary label La fud del records...Roy & Dizzy (i guess it's Roy "tenor" Grant and Johnny "dizzy" Moore) are paying tribute to the great King Curtis (american Sax) with the theme from "the valley of the dolls' that used to be a huge succes sung by Dionne Warwick at that time. A great reggae instrumental adaptation ! The flip side is an organ cut of "bye bye love" from the Everly brothers ! Early reggae stuff...

vendredi 6 mai 2011

BUNNY HEWITT - Wheel o rock (1977 Wince)

Don't know anything about that one...A bit out of key in the begining, this Bunny Hewitt must have been on e of the hundreds of toasters at that time. Still it's an original riddim on a small label, and i love that 7" and hope you'll enjoy it too !

RINGO & WELTON IRIE - Higgler move (Gemini)

Great combinaison on the "never let go" i suppose that should be a 1983 tune...
Biiiiiiiiiim !

PABLO MOSES & REVOLUTIONARY DREAM BAND - 2011 01 @ VAUREAL Le Forum live + interview

5 great tracks with an interview from the rastaman
"a revolutionary dream" "more than you can chew" "born to be bad" "Mama yeah Africa" & "A step before hell"

or the facebook page

mercredi 4 mai 2011

KENNETH POWER - You wrong fi trouble Joshua + Joshua row us home (1972 Pressure beat)

Political stuff back from the 1972 elections in JA. Kenneth Power is a pseudonym, cause it was too dangerous for singers to do it under their real name...Now we know that Kenneth power is Eddie Ford on the A side, and the famous duo DJ Carey Johnson & Lloyd Young on the B side...Clearly Pro PNP and Greeetings Michael "Joshua" Manley (and his rod of correction) they did a couple more singles in that vein. You'll also nbotice that they took the rasta theme (tough not original) "so long" for the riddim...Almost 40 years later this one is no more political but historical...Hope you'll like it !

lundi 25 avril 2011

JAH WALTON + ROOTS RADICS - Senator Dee + version (papular demand)

I'm quiet busy these days and you see that i don't really post much things last months...So i'm changing my way to do my things and will post my new singles on you tube...It's almost the same thing (except for download but you'll have to connect to my channel when you'll wanted to hear the songs) but it takes me much less time cos i ain't got to do a clip and create a link etc...Hope it goes well for you !
Let's start with a Killer tune from Jah Walton A.K.A Joseph Cotton called "senator Dee" on the heptones "ting a ling" studio 1 riddim...It's a self production and pretty rare...but wicked for any rub a dub lover! Enjoy it

samedi 16 avril 2011

THE ORIGINAL WAILERS - 2011 04 06 @ CERGY L'observatoire

Here is our latest vid to date...THE ORIGINAL WAILERS, a band that includes both Junior Marvin & Al Anderson, the famous guitarists that plays with Bob on his last years...They're doing a fine job, so support them when they'll play in your town !
Here is the beginning of the gig with 3 Marley covers "natty dread" "rastaman vibration" & "war/no more troubles"...Hope you'll like it!
As usual you'll always find more videos/photos & interviews by logging on our site
or our facebook page

dimanche 27 mars 2011

MO KALAMITY - 2011 02 04 @ PARIS New morning

That one comes french singer Mo kalamity. This is a special acoustic set made for an all acoustic reggae night @ the new morning jazz club. Nice vibes here, just check it !

vendredi 11 mars 2011

MAD PROFESSOR & JOE ARIWA - 2011 03 03 @ GUYANCOURT La batterie

A very freesh video from early in the month...
Mad professor and his son Joe Ariwa played on some serious stuff !
Just check the singers over here...Earl Sixteen with Macka B over Max Romeo's "i chase the devil" followed by Sister Audrey and her "english girl" in combinaison with U roy's "true born african" and Yabby U "tell dem" to finish the clip...

mercredi 2 mars 2011

THE MAD LADS + ALTON ELLIS - Losing you + tumbling tears (1969 Studio 1)

"Losing you" is one of the few tunes the legendary mad lads ever recorded. Famous with their massive "ten to one" studio 1 hit song, lead singer was the ever green Ricky Grant. The 1st version i've ever heard of that song was by the heptones, a good one produced by Niney in 1978 sung by Earl Morgan. Originaly, "i can't get over losing you" come from the great american band The delphonics, recorded one year earlier than the mad lads in 1968, as the flip side of their big tune "la la means i love you", that one being covered by jamaican superstar Alton Ellis...that we will hear too with "tumbling tears" wich i think he personally wrote. Great studio 1 stuff, tough there's 3 differents version of "losing you" included in one mix (LOL). If both tunes were recorded in 1969 with home band sound dimension, this 12" was remixed and issued in 1977, as the reverb & delay can recall...

THE MAD LADS : Losing you
ALTON ELLIS : Tumbling tears

Get a clip :

Download link :

mardi 1 mars 2011

WAYNE SMITH - 2011 02 03 @ PARIS Peniche alternat

On the same bill as Murray man, Mr WAYNE "SLENG TENG" SMITH gave a very nice performance that night, playing nuff tunes from his 1st LP "youth man skanking" inna rub a dub style ! he also played all his hits including "life is a moment in space" and "icky all over"...Here's a 22 (!) minutes of the performance, so you'll get a better idea of it ! Big up guyness music and live and direct!

mercredi 23 février 2011

MURRAY MAN - PARIS Péniche Alternat 03 02 2011

Big time with Murray man inna Paris, singing crying shame and others murder tune !
If you like it you can pass the link !

JOHNNY CLARKE - Creation rebel + straight to the spear's head (1975 Justice)

I just cannot be wrong with Johnny Clarke covering Burning spear's studio 1 classic "creation rebel"...Produced by Bunny Lee on his Justice label in 1975 i like it even more than the original...It got a taste of half a flying cymbal and you will note the B side version is "straight to the spear's head" Boooooooooooooo!


dimanche 20 février 2011


I fell on that amazing studio 1 family picture and i tought that it would be nice to share it with you! A real who's who...Try to find toots hibbert, zap pow, jennifer lara, roy richards, hortense ellis, dawn penn, cornel cambell, theophilos beckford, vonnie mcgowan, mad lads, c.dodd, jr dodd, nina souls, bunny, hortense ellis, lascells perkins, dudley sibbley, winston jarrett, cables, larry marshal, keeble, gaylads, righteous flames, king stitt, viceroys, jah jerry, skatelites...

jeudi 17 février 2011

THE MIGHTY DIAMONDS - 2010 11 28 @ VAUREAL Le forum

New video ! this one is fresh from the Mighty diamonds's last tour, backed by the french handcart band..."Party time" "Poor Marcus" " Rise up" & "Natty" on top, with an interview focused over their begining years...15 minutes with Tabby, Bunny & Judge! Roots & culture from JA...

samedi 12 février 2011

ECHO MINOTT - My fat Millie ( Watty)

"Solomon" riddim...huge bassline...Echo Minott...rub a dub style, probably recorded in 1982/83 and produced by Prince Jammy...What else ? RUN THE TRACK !



mardi 1 février 2011

BLACK CINDERELLA RIDDIM (1972/1973 Fe me time)

Big riddim ! "Black Cinderella" is one of the biggest success of Errol Dunkley. Just check the riddim to understand why...Later, Eric Donaldson, prince Pampidoo or the soul syndicate themself would be covering the tune or using the riddim, but that one was first issued on the Jimmy Radway's "fe me time". This label always offer good quality stuff, original riddims recorded with the best musicians at the best studios. Only a few singles were actually pressed by radway but he obtained a lot of hits with them. I have made this special mix with first the original version from mr Dunkley, then the DJ cut from Big Youth, one of his very early tune (maybe the first?), then "Cinderella in black" the melodica cut featuring a young Augustus Pablo, I roy's version that talk of one of the biggest plague that was over Jamaica "illeteracy", and then the instrumental version itself.
I've been reduced the whole set to ten minutes for not overdosing of it...I know that Vin Gordon did a tune for Jimmy Radway (zion youth) so i really wonder if he does the excellent trombone riff... Whatever it is, this "Black Cinderella" riddim is crucial ! And don't forget that if you enjoy it, just do like me and BUY it !

ERROL DUNKLEY: Black Cinderella
BIG YOUTH: Best of Big Youth
AUGUSTUS PABLO: Cinderella in black
I ROY: Sound education



lundi 24 janvier 2011

THE SKATALITES + KEN BOOTHE - Willow weep + Puppet on a string (1967 Studio one)

I'm in a ska mood these days, and this single is just the biggest skatalites tune i've ever heard...It is said to be "willow weep" by the skatalites, but after a short research it looks like it have been first released as "look away ska" from Roland Alphonso in 1966...A friend of mine who is much more specialist than i swears that this should be the soul brothers (that plays in 1966/67) A studio one band lead by...Roland Alphonso ! So let's say there's a big chance that this one was misleaded and made after the skatalites disbanded...
Big theme and progression, this is the kind of tune that the skatalites should play on stage for sure...On the puciture you can see from left to right Lloyd Brevett, Coxsone Dodd, Roland Alphonso and Johnny "dizzy" Moore.
B side is the classic Ken Booth "puppet on a string" cover of the famous Sandie Shaw's tune that won the eurovision in...1967! A true studio 1 classic and one of his biggest hit to date...



THE ABYSSINIANS - 2010 01 07 @ PARIS Cabaret sauvage

This gig was an alibi to promote the ethiopian christmas...
It was sold out and the crowd was HOT !
Brother Latef (from Dominique island) and his friends started the night with some great nyahbinghi stuff, Rachel (french young singer)came after, and Adana the son of Alpha Blondy warmed up the place before
the Big time with mister Collins, Manning and Morrison !
Hope you like it !

mercredi 19 janvier 2011


Always nice to see Rico Rodriguez alive and well! He often come to Jools Holland shows, and this time end up 2010 by singing "what a wonderful world" and "enjoy yourself" featuring Jools(on piano) and his rythm & blues orchestra (i think Michael "bami" Rose is in it playing saxophone) plus all the artists of that special for "enjoy yourself", including Toots Hibbert, Roger Daltrey, Kylie Minogue, Alison Moyet, Wanda Jackson and the secret sisters! Yes you'll see the one and only jamaican legend Rico himself singing along Kylie Minogue LOL...ENJOY YOURSELF

vendredi 14 janvier 2011

ZOOT SIMMS + SOUL DEFENDERS - African + Popcorn reggae (1972 studio 1)

Can't really say that "African" is a studio 1 classic, but it's really a masterpiece to me...I love every tune from Zoot "Scully" Simms i've heard...I'm not a specialist of his discography, but i know he started recording in the 50's with his pal Roy "Bunny" Robinson ("another chance" in 1953, a 78RPM for Dada Tuary), then as Bunny & Skitter or Bunny & Scully, cutting calypsos, rythm&blues and ska, to finally become year after year a studio 1 corner stone, cutting solo tracks in the 60's as "mr foundation". This song is mainly sung in amharic, and is launching conscious lyrics to the face of all the jamaican ghettos. Of course "Scully" remains very know from the roots specialist as one of the main percussionist of the 70's, cutting for almost every artist on the island from the Abyssinians to Yabby you (at least 300LP's and countless singles!)particulary making crazy duos with Lee "scratch" Perry on his crazy mix (Kung fu seen!). The picture is from 2005 and comes from my personal collection. Today i am very proud to say that this legendary duo will come to France very soon, almost 60 years after their official beginning, with the Jamaica all stars including Sparrow Martin and Vin "Don drummond Jr" Gordon! I'll be there for sure.
B side is a soul defenders instrumental named "pop corn", a nice track with a great hornline, this band is from St Catherine, and used to back Freddie Mc Kay, another singer from St Catherine at their beginning of their studio 1 career. Mr Dood will use them then as a backing band for some other of his artists. Note that soul defender's percussionist (and sometimes drummer)is mr Joseph Hill (from Culture' fame)I don't know who jive on that one, maybe someone knows ?



mercredi 12 janvier 2011

HORACE ANDY - PARIS Elysée montmartre 30 11 2010

This is Horace Andy on his last tour in France. Her comes a small video of the classic "every tongue shall tell" followed by a great version of "natty dread a weh she want"...Homegrown band has done a great job too...I really wish the pictures could be better but i've done my best...Enjoy it anyway !