vendredi 8 octobre 2010

THE CONGOS - 2010 10 04 @ VAUREAL Le forum

Big show with the congos last night...Always green and sharpened, they play a good mix of old and new stuff...Cedric, Watty and Ashanti roy shared the lead vocals. Kenroy Fyffe (ex Cornell Campbell & the eternals) was also there to help for the backing vocals. Original congo's guitarist likkle David did a great job too!

01 band introduction / lost sheep
02 ten millions chariots
03 open the gate
04 children crying
05 music school
06 garden of life
07 swinging bridge
08 charriots
09 rainy night in Portland
10 under the sun
11 crying time
12 Yoyo
13 when beatles come
14 youthman
15 revolution
16 ark of the covenant
17 fisherman

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