vendredi 20 mai 2011

LEROY BROWN - Dancing shoes (1978 G Clef)

Originaly this song was sung by Bunny livingstone with the wailing wailers in 1966 for Studio 1. A decade later, ska is here transformed into reggae (the drum sounds a lot like a Sly Dunbar pattern)for the pleasure of the ears, and Leroy ride the song with his sweet & silky voice...RUN IT !

QUEEN MAJEEDA - Our creator (1993 Conscious)

Love dub poetess Queen Majeeda ! That one comes from her first LP "Conscious" released in 1993. Not much more to say, the best is to listen...

mardi 10 mai 2011

LONE RANGER - Reasons + Learn to drive (1983 Bebo's music)

Two cuts from Lone ranger on the prophecy/Taxi riddim...I'm not sure it's Lone Ranger himself singing on the 1st cut...that one will later on covered by Johnny Osbourne !

samedi 7 mai 2011

ROY & DIZZY + THE FABULOUS SHOEMAKERS Valley of the dolls + Bye bye love (la fud del records)

This one is from the legendary label La fud del records...Roy & Dizzy (i guess it's Roy "tenor" Grant and Johnny "dizzy" Moore) are paying tribute to the great King Curtis (american Sax) with the theme from "the valley of the dolls' that used to be a huge succes sung by Dionne Warwick at that time. A great reggae instrumental adaptation ! The flip side is an organ cut of "bye bye love" from the Everly brothers ! Early reggae stuff...

vendredi 6 mai 2011

BUNNY HEWITT - Wheel o rock (1977 Wince)

Don't know anything about that one...A bit out of key in the begining, this Bunny Hewitt must have been on e of the hundreds of toasters at that time. Still it's an original riddim on a small label, and i love that 7" and hope you'll enjoy it too !

RINGO & WELTON IRIE - Higgler move (Gemini)

Great combinaison on the "never let go" i suppose that should be a 1983 tune...
Biiiiiiiiiim !

PABLO MOSES & REVOLUTIONARY DREAM BAND - 2011 01 @ VAUREAL Le Forum live + interview

5 great tracks with an interview from the rastaman
"a revolutionary dream" "more than you can chew" "born to be bad" "Mama yeah Africa" & "A step before hell"

or the facebook page

mercredi 4 mai 2011

KENNETH POWER - You wrong fi trouble Joshua + Joshua row us home (1972 Pressure beat)

Political stuff back from the 1972 elections in JA. Kenneth Power is a pseudonym, cause it was too dangerous for singers to do it under their real name...Now we know that Kenneth power is Eddie Ford on the A side, and the famous duo DJ Carey Johnson & Lloyd Young on the B side...Clearly Pro PNP and Greeetings Michael "Joshua" Manley (and his rod of correction) they did a couple more singles in that vein. You'll also nbotice that they took the rasta theme (tough not original) "so long" for the riddim...Almost 40 years later this one is no more political but historical...Hope you'll like it !