mercredi 10 novembre 2010

THE CHANTELLS & U BROWN - Children of Jah + desperate times (1977 phase one)

"Children of jah" is the anthem of the talented chantells (Tommy Thomas, Lloyd Forrest, and lead singer Sam Bramwell also known as the channels) who made the fame of the very cult phase 1 label with it. A typical roots song of the time, probably backed by the revolutionaries. It could have been the itals or the jays...Anyway it's always good to hear it with here the toast part made by a great U brown. It's followed by "desesperate time" a very good stepper riddim...



vendredi 5 novembre 2010

THE NAROBH SISTERS + THE GAYTONES - Promised land + version (1974 Gay feet)

I virtually know nothing about these sisters, but the tune is very nice. Produced on gayfeet's Sonia Pottinger label, it sounds like a lovely child song mixed with some nyahbighi background and a groovy jamaican drum and bass...The gaytones is just a generic name for the house band. I've heard that Judy Mowatt could be singing on it but i just don't believe it's true (my ears say so...). If you know more than i please leave a comment!


mercredi 3 novembre 2010

MAD PROFESSOR & EARL 16 - 2010 10 28 @ MONTREUIL Café la pêche

Mad Professor & Joe Ariwa feat Earl 16 a Montreuil oct 2010
envoyé par live-n-direct. - Clip, interview et concert.

Fresh from the last weeek , this video contains the tunes "three meals a day" from Dennis Brown, "Freedom" an early tune of Earl sixteen from the black ark days, and "roots" one of Bob Marley's anthem...Great dub live show from Mad Professor & Earl Sixteen (with help from Joe Ariwa). It was a hot and sold out place...
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