lundi 25 avril 2011

JAH WALTON + ROOTS RADICS - Senator Dee + version (papular demand)

I'm quiet busy these days and you see that i don't really post much things last months...So i'm changing my way to do my things and will post my new singles on you tube...It's almost the same thing (except for download but you'll have to connect to my channel when you'll wanted to hear the songs) but it takes me much less time cos i ain't got to do a clip and create a link etc...Hope it goes well for you !
Let's start with a Killer tune from Jah Walton A.K.A Joseph Cotton called "senator Dee" on the heptones "ting a ling" studio 1 riddim...It's a self production and pretty rare...but wicked for any rub a dub lover! Enjoy it

samedi 16 avril 2011

THE ORIGINAL WAILERS - 2011 04 06 @ CERGY L'observatoire

Here is our latest vid to date...THE ORIGINAL WAILERS, a band that includes both Junior Marvin & Al Anderson, the famous guitarists that plays with Bob on his last years...They're doing a fine job, so support them when they'll play in your town !
Here is the beginning of the gig with 3 Marley covers "natty dread" "rastaman vibration" & "war/no more troubles"...Hope you'll like it!
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