dimanche 10 octobre 2010

CAPITAL LETTERS - 1979 01 16 - John Peel Sessions

A bit of english reggae with CAPITAL LETTERS a band from Wolverhampton i think, who release 2 LP's and a 12". Very active between 1979 and 1982, they came back recently for gigs...Anyway here is a John Peel session recorded during the "headline news" days,including an unrealised track to me called "Rasta say" (wich is very good). The two others tunes are the opening track of their first LP "fire" and their classic "smoking my ganja". For those of you who likes Capital Letters and have never heard that session this should be a nice time.

•Rodrick Harvey (Drums)
•Junior Brown (Bass)
•George Scarlet (Guitar)
•Springey (Guitar, Vocals)
•Danny Mcken (Guitar, Vocals)
•Earl Lynch (keyboards)
•Wendy Stewart (Conga)
•Dell Spence (Percussion, Vocals)
•Paulette Hayden (Percussion, Vocals)



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