dimanche 27 mars 2011

MO KALAMITY - 2011 02 04 @ PARIS New morning

That one comes french singer Mo kalamity. This is a special acoustic set made for an all acoustic reggae night @ the new morning jazz club. Nice vibes here, just check it !

vendredi 11 mars 2011

MAD PROFESSOR & JOE ARIWA - 2011 03 03 @ GUYANCOURT La batterie

A very freesh video from early in the month...
Mad professor and his son Joe Ariwa played on some serious stuff !
Just check the singers over here...Earl Sixteen with Macka B over Max Romeo's "i chase the devil" followed by Sister Audrey and her "english girl" in combinaison with U roy's "true born african" and Yabby U "tell dem" to finish the clip...

mercredi 2 mars 2011

THE MAD LADS + ALTON ELLIS - Losing you + tumbling tears (1969 Studio 1)

"Losing you" is one of the few tunes the legendary mad lads ever recorded. Famous with their massive "ten to one" studio 1 hit song, lead singer was the ever green Ricky Grant. The 1st version i've ever heard of that song was by the heptones, a good one produced by Niney in 1978 sung by Earl Morgan. Originaly, "i can't get over losing you" come from the great american band The delphonics, recorded one year earlier than the mad lads in 1968, as the flip side of their big tune "la la means i love you", that one being covered by jamaican superstar Alton Ellis...that we will hear too with "tumbling tears" wich i think he personally wrote. Great studio 1 stuff, tough there's 3 differents version of "losing you" included in one mix (LOL). If both tunes were recorded in 1969 with home band sound dimension, this 12" was remixed and issued in 1977, as the reverb & delay can recall...

THE MAD LADS : Losing you
ALTON ELLIS : Tumbling tears

Get a clip :

Download link :

mardi 1 mars 2011

WAYNE SMITH - 2011 02 03 @ PARIS Peniche alternat

On the same bill as Murray man, Mr WAYNE "SLENG TENG" SMITH gave a very nice performance that night, playing nuff tunes from his 1st LP "youth man skanking" inna rub a dub style ! he also played all his hits including "life is a moment in space" and "icky all over"...Here's a 22 (!) minutes of the performance, so you'll get a better idea of it ! Big up guyness music and live and direct!