vendredi 8 octobre 2010

THE CONGOS - Unplugged @ the BBC (Mark Lamarr sessions 2009)

Well this is the best time to post this...Unplugged stuff! four long tracks with a perfect digital broadcast sound...Fresh from 2009 when their last LP to date "back at the black ark" was about to be released or so...This last almost half an hour!
First track is "forever young" from their new LP, a great tune, then came "time to get away" a tune sung that i had never heard and who sounds like unreleased to my ears, "a new name" is a great cover of Ras Michael & the suns of negus's classic, and they close with their anthem "row fisherman". I guess Likkle David is on the guitar and Congo Ashanti Roy's son on percussions...
01 Forever young
02 Time to get away
03 A new name
04 Row fisherman



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