mardi 21 septembre 2010

PETER ROOTS + SLY & ROBBIE - Stop the war + Belfast (Taxi)

This one is a serious rub a dub on Sly & Robbie's taxi label. Peter Roots is also known as Peter Lewis and began his recording career with "ethiopian land" at Lee Perry's black ark. A couple of singles will follow on his own Jah P label. I guess this single should be from 1983/84 with just some electronic clap to give a modern touch to the tune...Sound a bit like the roots radics, with a heavy bass from Robbie and a strong snare drum from Sly, but not only, there's also a nice hornline with Dean, Nambo & Chico the "ras brass" at their golden age...Check out the version! Lyrics are clear, and it seems that theses were both made for Jamaicans and Irish...I'm not sure but i think Peter Roots now lives in England where he's still active these days. I have a 10" from 2004 named "peace & love" based on a sample of Capital letters "smoking my ganja" It's a good one and i'll post it somedays if i have a few feedback.

PETER ROOTS: Stop the war
SLY & ROBBIE: Belfast



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