samedi 4 septembre 2010

CARLTON AND THE SHOES - Forever and always (1981 Yvonne's special)

Back from holidays with one of my favorite lover's style band. Carlton and the shoes and this beautiful "forever & always" 12" produced on Dennis Brown "Yvonne's special" label in 1981. Nice love lyrics from mister Manning, great tune in a rub a dub style, followed by his version. Great backing vocals (made by the man himself and sounds like the abyssinians more than ever) with a strong horns line and vintage hammond organ and clavinet, that one is a part of the precious and rare work from Carlton and his shoes in the beginning of the 80's. It is particulary beautiful as it was made in a minor way and is finally very close to the far east sound...David and everyone i hope you'll enjoy that one as i do !



2 commentaires:

  1. This is a wicked cut, especially interesting when you know the original studio 1 version of "Never let go" which is brilliant and can now be heard on the expanded studio one cd version of "Love me forever." The version side on this DB production is particularly nice, no reason such a wicked rhythm should ever end....
    Keep the Shoes coming! Thanks for sharing another great post.

  2. "no reason such a wicked rhythm should ever end...." LOL
    Thanks David ! you deserve another Carlton & his shoes post for this...Soon come!