mercredi 29 septembre 2010

KARL BRYAN + THE SOUL VENDORS - A house is not a home + a house is not a dub (1972 studio 1)

OK that one is a request from Phat Pat so here it is...For those who don't know "a house is not a home" is a song written by Burt Bacharach for Dionne Warwick in 1964. Here is the studio 1 instrumental version covered by Bryan "cannonball" Bryan and the soul vendors as backing band (including Jacky Mittoo on organ). I don't really know if it is the "original" studio 1 version or if someone has sung it before in Jamaica, but the most famous version is of course the one from the ever great Sugar Minott on his 1977 LP "live loving". Karl Bryan is quiet an underrated sax player cos his musical legacy can only be found on singles, but still a big name for the specialists. I know he recently use to make a turn over with Cedric Brooks in the Skatalites(see the picture) until he was replaced in the 2010 line up.



2 commentaires:

  1. Nice track! This is my personal favorite of the Bacharach Tune by Junior Dan with a lovely dub:

  2. i hardly recognize the tune on that one LOL ... but i must admit that this is a pure and rare black ark sound...not bad but i like more my KTW dub...