mercredi 22 septembre 2010

HERMAN CHIN-LOY & THE AQUARIANS - unknown track + version (1972 Aquarius)

This one is from my pal Mike the president, and i need you to put some oil in my lamp. Herman Chin-Loy opened a record shop on Halfway tree in 1969, and started releasing singles and a few LP at the end of the sixties/beginning of the seventies, and he was one of the very first to have the young Augustus Pablo as a sessioner. But i'm really not sure about this one as it is a pre-release from his label aquarius. It seems to be an instrumental recut of "new Kent road" of 1970 Johnny Lover on Joe Gibbs's pressure beat label. First i don't know the title of it, i think it's "invasion" but...that's all. Second i don't know who played in the aquarians (Chin-Loy used to have the "the hippy boys" or "now generation" as backing band) nor who the horns players are (i think we can credit them as the real autors of this version). And third i know there's another cut of this tune made by the upsetters on the 1975 "kung fu meets the dragon" LP, featuring...Augustus Pablo and ...another Pablo solo version on his 1982 King David melody LP. So it makes a lot a clue to make think that this is one of Pablo's earliest tune, but if you know more than this please leave a feedback, and the others...just enjoy that rare piece of history...



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  1. This track was released on UK Creole label (CR1004),i'm not near my tunes at the moment but it's either Duck It Up - Tommy McCook or 405(The Mood) - Augustus Pablo

  2. OK I see we get closer to the truth! LOL Even tough according to RKR duck it is a Pablo tune, it's not impossible that McCook duet on the riddim with a trumpeter. If you have a little bit more time to check your creole 7" that would be great! Thanks sidewalk Doctor BTW I love your blog (probably the most sharpened blog on reggae culture)

  3. Apparently Herman Chin used the name Augustus Pablo for instrumental tunes, even BEFORE a young Horace Swaby came to record at Aquarius. my guess is this track is one of those. Doubt it's Augustus Pablo of 'King Tubby meets Rockers uptown" fame. Reminds me of the the Red Sea lp that was pressed up with some similar organ workouts.....

  4. I've checked my tunes & it's 405 credited to Pablo BUT I'm fairly sure (as David said )that's just Herman's name for the instrumentalist as the B side of the disc also has Pablo as a credit & I don't think it's him

  5. Wow guys you have precious science!
    I never knew Herman Chin loy would use "Augustus pablo" as a generic name...and Horace Swaby would use it later. But still don't you find strange the fact that Mr Swaby would do it with the upsetters and on his 1982 LP king david melody ? It's can't be without relation to me.