vendredi 14 janvier 2011

ZOOT SIMMS + SOUL DEFENDERS - African + Popcorn reggae (1972 studio 1)

Can't really say that "African" is a studio 1 classic, but it's really a masterpiece to me...I love every tune from Zoot "Scully" Simms i've heard...I'm not a specialist of his discography, but i know he started recording in the 50's with his pal Roy "Bunny" Robinson ("another chance" in 1953, a 78RPM for Dada Tuary), then as Bunny & Skitter or Bunny & Scully, cutting calypsos, rythm&blues and ska, to finally become year after year a studio 1 corner stone, cutting solo tracks in the 60's as "mr foundation". This song is mainly sung in amharic, and is launching conscious lyrics to the face of all the jamaican ghettos. Of course "Scully" remains very know from the roots specialist as one of the main percussionist of the 70's, cutting for almost every artist on the island from the Abyssinians to Yabby you (at least 300LP's and countless singles!)particulary making crazy duos with Lee "scratch" Perry on his crazy mix (Kung fu seen!). The picture is from 2005 and comes from my personal collection. Today i am very proud to say that this legendary duo will come to France very soon, almost 60 years after their official beginning, with the Jamaica all stars including Sparrow Martin and Vin "Don drummond Jr" Gordon! I'll be there for sure.
B side is a soul defenders instrumental named "pop corn", a nice track with a great hornline, this band is from St Catherine, and used to back Freddie Mc Kay, another singer from St Catherine at their beginning of their studio 1 career. Mr Dood will use them then as a backing band for some other of his artists. Note that soul defender's percussionist (and sometimes drummer)is mr Joseph Hill (from Culture' fame)I don't know who jive on that one, maybe someone knows ?



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