lundi 24 janvier 2011

THE SKATALITES + KEN BOOTHE - Willow weep + Puppet on a string (1967 Studio one)

I'm in a ska mood these days, and this single is just the biggest skatalites tune i've ever heard...It is said to be "willow weep" by the skatalites, but after a short research it looks like it have been first released as "look away ska" from Roland Alphonso in 1966...A friend of mine who is much more specialist than i swears that this should be the soul brothers (that plays in 1966/67) A studio one band lead by...Roland Alphonso ! So let's say there's a big chance that this one was misleaded and made after the skatalites disbanded...
Big theme and progression, this is the kind of tune that the skatalites should play on stage for sure...On the puciture you can see from left to right Lloyd Brevett, Coxsone Dodd, Roland Alphonso and Johnny "dizzy" Moore.
B side is the classic Ken Booth "puppet on a string" cover of the famous Sandie Shaw's tune that won the eurovision in...1967! A true studio 1 classic and one of his biggest hit to date...



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