mardi 21 décembre 2010

LITTLE ROY + THE MELODIANS - I am going to cool it + throw down your weapon (1967 Studio one)

First tune ever recorded by Earl Lowe aka Little Roy, one of my very favorite artist. Nothing to compare with his future rasta anthem "prophecy" "earth" or "Jah can count on i" but still the talent is here, and i always find funny to hear singers when they were a youth. Misleaded to the gaylads, this cut for Mr Dodd was released on his studio 1 label. According to Little Roy himself, this is a song that was made by his brother while "cooling" the flowers with water in their parent's garden. By the time he recorded that one he was not much than 13 years old. I've heard another studio one cut on this riddim but i can't remember who the artist was...Don't know either if Little Roy use it as an original riddim, but the bridge in the middle of the tune makes me think that he actually voice it after another version...Maybe someone knows more ? Anyway it's a pure gem from the rocksteady era, probably provided by the great soul brothers. The piano is particulary cool, incredibly groovy to my ears! By the way this song will be a flop, and Little Roy will try next with Prince Buster...


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